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Sachem Students Step on Stage for Fall Productions

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On Nov. 3 and Nov. 4, Sachem student-actors from both High School East and North stepped on stage to put on wonderful productions of their fall dramas. Leading up to the plays, students participated in weeks of hard work, rehearsals and workshops.

Sachem High School East put on a performance of “A Chorus Line,” taking the audience to Broadway to tell the story of dozens of dancers who were auditioning on the chorus line of a new musical. Meanwhile, the crowd at Sachem High School North was transported to “Never Land” where students shared the adventures of “Peter Pan.” During the course of several shows, Sachem student-actors were excited to share stories filled with song and dance.

*Sachem North photos courtesy of Jo-Art Photographers

Click here to view the East HS photo slideshow.

Click here to view the North HS photo slideshow.

Date Added: 11/9/2023