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Sachem East High School

Graduation Requirements

In order to earn a diploma, every student must earn a minimum of 22 credits in addition to meeting specific testing competencies.  Only those students who successfully complete the diploma requirements will take part in graduation exercises.

CLASSES OF 2013(1) and thereafter

Required Core Subjects
Regents Diploma
Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation
4 Credits with 1 Regents exam (grade of 65 or higher)
4 Credits with 1 Regents exam (grade of 65 or higher)
Social Studies
4 Credits with 2 Regents exams (Global Hist. & U.S. Hist.) (grades of 65 or higher)
4 Credits with 2 Regents exams (Global Hist. & U.S. Hist.) (grades of 65 or higher)

3 Credits with 1 Regents exam (Integrated Algebra)

(grade of 65 or higher)

3 Credits with 3 Regents exams (Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II)

(grades of 65 or higher)

3 Credits(2) with 1 Regents exam (grade of 65 or higher)
3 Credits(2) with 2 Regents exams - Living Environment Regents exam and one Physical Setting exam (grades of 65 or higher)
Language Other than English (LOTE)
1 Credit(3)
3 Credits with 1 Regents exam or LOTE Comprehensive Assessment (4) (grade of 65 or higher)
Physical Education
2 Credits(5)
2 Credits(5)
Art and/or Music
1 Credit
1 Credit
.5 Credit
.5 Credit
3.5 Credits
1.5 Credits
22 Credits
22 Credits

  1. Students entering Grade 9 in 2008 and thereafter must score a 65 or above on all 5 required Regents exams.  No local diploma option for regular education students.
  2. Included in the 3 Science credit earned must be 1 Physical Setting course and the Living Environment course.
  3. Students are required to complete 1 credit of Languages Other than English (LOTE) and/or to have passed the LOTE Proficiency Exam.
  4. May substitute 5 units of credit of Art, Music, or Occ. Ed.
  5. All students must take Physical Education each semester and earn the equivalent of 2 credits in order to graduate.


Mastery in Mathematics and/or Science:

* Students who first entered grade 9 in September 2009 or thereafter and who complete all coursework and testing requirements for the Regents diploma with Advanced Designation in mathematics and/or science and who pass, with a score of 85 or better, three commencement-level Regents examinations in mathematics and/or three commencement level Regents examinations in science will earn a Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation, with an annotation on the diploma that denotes mastery in mathematics and/or science, as applicable.