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Sachem High School East Guidance Department

Phone: 631-716-8200   Fax: 631-716-8262

Twitter: @EastGuidance_   

Remind: Text: 81010 , Message: @seguidance

Google Classroom Codes: 

  Class of 2022 (12th grade): WWN46XP

  Class of 2023 (11th grade): 4dj4ady

  Class of 2024 (10th grade): b7ud6bd

  Class of 2025 (9th grade): 7c7ppwc

  BOCES Application Information (10th & 11th grade): nbhxlgc


Important Updates

Selecting Your Courses For Next Year: Scheduling Information Letter, Course Offerings, BOCES Application

  **BOCES Applications are due 12/21 for Juniors and 1/14 for Sophomores**, BOCES Info Flyer

College Preparation Workshop Series

Parent Portal Grade Alert Directions   

Counseling Services: On-line Services for Parents/Students


Welcome to our Guidance Department website!

Our goal for this website is to have a user-friendly site where parents, students and interested community members can get information and resources to help them with guidance questions and concerns.

Our counseling staff at East is comprised of 10 counselors who are assigned to students alphabetically by grade. The hope is that counselors and students will develop a relationship that will continue over their four years of high school. In this way, counselors would be able to address students' needs in the areas of academics, future plans after high school as well as social/personal concerns.

Students will benefit from our school counseling program through our guidance curriculum which will provdie experiences to address their academic, career, and personal/social needs. 

Our Goals:

1. Provide a safe and secure environment for students to receive and counselors to deliver, developmentally
     appropriate services.
2. Increase student academic achievement.
3. Enhance student self-esteem.
4. Assist students with post-high school college/career planning.
5. Develop strong parent/community involvement.
6. Provide professional development to all counselors.

Our guidance office telephone number is 631- 716-8200. Please feel free to call our office to speak with your son's/daughter's counselor. 

Please visit Naviance Student for important information about colleges, scholarships, SAT/ACT test dates and deadline, guidance events, and more!

Sachem East
Guidance Department
Counselor   9th 10th 11th 12th
T. Moon   A-Cao A - Br A - Bn A -Bro
W. Corrigan   Cap - Di Bu - C Bo -C Brp - Dia
S. Iadanza   Do - G Da - Fe D -Fh Dib - Go
C. Aliperti   H - K Fi - Ha Fi - Hoq Gp - La
J. Cruz   L - Ma He - Le Hor - Ln Lb - Mc
N. Koerber   Mc - No Li - Me Lo - Mol Me - Pap
M. MacLellan   Nu - Ra Mi -Pi Mom -Q Paq - Ri
R. Chisari   Re - Sh Pl - Sa R - Sd Rj - Sm
F. Ciancimino   Si - U Sc -Wee Se - V Sn - Wa
K. Dunseith, Chair   V - Z Wei - Z W - Z We - Z


NEW Pay for It System for AP Testing 

Mrs. Dunseith, Department Chair

Telephone: (631) 716-8200