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Sachem East High School

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Guidance Services and School Policies

Course Weighting/Class Rank Policy

Promotion Policy

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Student Eligibility for BOCES Occupational Programs

Evening High School Dual Enrollment Program



Course weighting policy for students graduating in June 2010 and thereafter:

  • Advanced Placement courses are weighted 10%
  • Honors courses are weighted 5%
  • College level academic courses are weighted 5%
  • Regents and elective courses are not weighted

The weighted rank constitutes Sachem’s official class rank. This weighting appears only in the total weighted average and rank shown on the bottom of the transcript and not in the grades listed for each individual course. The weighted average includes only courses taken in the five academic areas: English, Social Studies, Math, Science, and Languages Other Than English (LOTE).  The unweighted average is derived from all grades listed on the transcript with the exception of Pass/Fail courses.

The weighted rank is determined after six semesters and is given to students in the fall of senior year.  Top ranked students are re-ranked after the seventh semester to determine valedictorian and salutatorian.



Eighth to Ninth Grade: If a student fails two major subjects in grade 8, he/she must attend summer school and pass at least one of the two failed subjects. If a student fails three major subjects he/she must attend summer school and pass at least two of the three failed subjects.  If a student fails four major subjects, he/she must attend summer school and pass at least three of the four failed subjects. Failure to meet these requirements will result in either retention in the Middle School or placement in the Alternative Education Evening Program.

Ninth to Tenth Grade: In order to be promoted to tenth grade, a student must pass English 9, Global History 9, PE 9 and one credit of Math or Science.

Tenth to Eleventh Grade: To be promoted to eleventh grade a student must fulfill one of two options:

Option I: Eight non-PE credits plus 1/2 credit of PE are required. Five of the credits
must include English 9, Global History 9, one credit Math, one credit of
Science and either English 10 or Global History 10.


Option II: This option would be offered to a student who has attended at least one
full session of summer school following grade 9 or grade 10. For this option,
seven non-PE credits plus 1/2 credit of PE are required. Four of the credits
must include English 9, Global History 9, one credit of Math and one credit
of science.

Eleventh to Twelfth Grade: To be promoted to twelfth grade, a student must earn a minimum of thirteen non-PE credits plus one credit of PE.



The Sachem Counselors follow the guidelines listed below when meeting with high school students and their parents for an annual review of the student’s high school program and experience.

  • The school counselor will review the student’s current academic program and progress.
  • The school counselor will review the student’s credits to date, graduation requirements, possible areas of deficiency and multi-year plan.
  • The school counselor will provide information on standardized tests including all that may be applicable: Regents (RCT’s), PSAT’s, SAT’s, SAT Subject Tests, ACT’s, AP’s, Component Retests, ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery).
  • The school counselor will provide information about the college exploration and application process as well as financial aid.
  • The school counselor will utilize technology, including Naviance, College Board and other websites when appropriate.
  • The school counselor will review/discuss the student’s career interests and appropriate next steps (i.e. college programs of study, Career Training Programs (CTP), BOCES, etc.).
  • The school counselor is available to discuss with the student and/or parents any circumstances, issues or concerns that may impact the student’s educational experience.  Referrals for additional assistance may be recommended and follow-up will be done.



The Board of Education recognizes the importance of occupational and technical training for those students who choose to pursue this course of study. Students wishing to prepare for a specific career may enroll in district sponsored Career Training Programs or, beginning in grade 11, occupational programs offered at BOCES Technical Centers. A student who elects to pursue a career training program offered at BOCES must be a student in good standing, who adheres to the high school attendance policy, and who has met certain core requirements for high school graduation. In order to be eligible to attend BOCES in grade 11, a student currently enrolled in grade 10 must have successfully completed, and/or currently be passing the following courses by the end of the second marking period:

  • English 9
  • Global History 9
  • English 10 or Global History 10
  • Two Math and one lab Science course or two lab Science and one Math course
  • Physical Education 9 and Physical Education 10
  • Health Education (completed by June of the 10th grade year)
  • Art/Music (one credit by June of the 10th grade year)
  • Language Other Than English (one credit by June of the 10th grade year)

Additionally, any student denied credit in any 10th/11th grade course, in accordance with the district’s high school attendance policy, shall be deemed ineligible to participate in a BOCES vocational training program in 11th grade. A final review of each student’s eligibility will be conducted at the end of the school year.  All interested students are encouraged to submit applications for career training programs at BOCES.  Applications will be reviewed on an individual basis.



Eighth semester twelfth grade students who are taking a full schedule during the day and are still in need of up to one additional credit for graduation may be eligible to take this additional coursework in the Evening School at Sachem North during the spring semester of their senior year provided that the following conditions have been met:

1. Summer School: The student must have taken and passed at least one course in summer school in the summer prior to twelfth grade.
2. 7th Semester: The student may not fail more than one subject during the final semester preceding dual enrollment. For the full year courses in progress at this time, there must be a passing average.
3. Illegal absences: During the 7th semester, students will not be permitted any illegal absences or truancies as reflected on the report card.
4. Students who are denied credit in any courses during the 7th semester are ineligible.
5. Student may accumulate only one credit in the evening school program.
6. Dual enrollment students may not take English in Night School.

Any student meeting three of the first four criteria (1-4) for Dual Enrollment at the end of the second quarter may ask for reconsideration at the conclusion of the third quarter. After presenting evidence that the one deficient criteria has been remediated during the third quarter, students who wish to make an appeal for dual enrollment admittance to the Evening High School are required to write a letter stating the reasons for the appeal.

Alternative Education Evening School
In order to accommodate students whose needs cannot be met during the regular day school, Sachem has established an Evening High School. Please contact your counselor for details.