May is Mental Health Awareness month.

This year’s theme is : Where to Start: Mental Health in a Changing World – Learn, Act, Advocate

Look around the building & listen to announcements for information on upcoming activities, and to reach out for help for yourself and others.

Be seen in Green every Friday during May to show your support for MENTAL HEALTH & WELL BEING!

Green is the official color for mental health awareness.

Green represents renewal, hope, and vitality.

Wearing green on Fridays sends a powerful message: Mental health is important, and by joining together, we are advocating for and supporting mental health and wellness.

Join us Sachem East each Friday and Be seen in Green!

Upcoming Activity:

Thursday May 16, 2024 is Mental Health Action Day.
Look for the Mental Health and Wellness table which will include:
Activities and handouts

Green Ribbon signing activity on wall
Selfie opportunities
Raffle for bracelets
Visits with Bailey