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Shadrack Boakye Inspires Samoset Students

Shadrack Boakye Talking in front of students in the auditorium. thumbnail255071
Samoset Middle School invited award-winning director and actor Shadrack Boakye to speak with eighth graders as part of the building’s Black History Month celebrations. Boakye is a survivor of the Liberian civil war. He shared his story of coming to the United States and how he faced adversity throughout his journey. Notably, Boakye told students about the profound impact one of his teachers had on his life and his success.

The presentation encouraged students to “cover” each other, or to take care of those around them. Boakye shared the several instances when someone covered him, which ultimately helped lead him to where he is today. Eighth graders were called to the front of the auditorium to share stories of how their friends have covered them and to thank the teachers who have had a positive impact on their lives. Students walked away with feelings of gratitude and pride for one another.

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Date Added: 2/13/2024