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Merrimac Tackles Hunger with ‘Souper Bowl’

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Merrimac Elementary School is helping tackle hunger across Long Island. The fifth grade held the building’s first “Souper Bowl” ahead of the big game on Feb. 12. Students were encouraged to donate cans of soup, designating their donation to either the Philadelphia Eagles or Kansas City Chiefs. Fifth graders then tallied which team got more donations, with the Chiefs coming out on top.

Nearly 400 cans of soup were then donated to the Lighthouse Mission, an organization that helps those less fortunate on Long Island. Fifth graders heard from a Lighthouse Mission representative about the organization before they began tallying cans and learned about how their donations will help others in need.

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Date Added: 2/14/2023

Merrimac Fifth Graders Honor Black History Month

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Fifth graders at Merrimac Elementary School are learning about influential Black Americans as part of the district’s celebration of Black History Month.

In a recent project, students first chose a Black American to research. The fifth graders then created timelines, illustrating their major life events and contributions. The project helped students hone their research skills, organize information in chronological order and explore individuals who have had positive impacts on American history.

Date Added: 2/10/2023

Circus Program Visits Merrimac

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The Merrimac Elementary School gymnasium transformed into the “Big Top” in collaboration with the National Circus Project. The National Circus Project is a combination of a physical education and arts-in-education program that teaches students a variety of skills used in the circus arts.

During the course of a week, fifth grade students learned skills from professionals including juggling, plate-spinning, balancing and handling devil sticks. Not only did they work to perfect these skills, they learned patience, confidence and self-discipline throughout the process.

At the end of the week, the fifth graders put on culminating show for their teachers, peers and families. Students were excited to showcase their new tricks and their peers were thrilled to cheer them on.

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Date Added: 1/31/2023