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Circus Program Visits Merrimac

National Circus Project Performing in Gymnasium thumbnail240806

The Merrimac Elementary School gymnasium transformed into the “Big Top” in collaboration with the National Circus Project. The National Circus Project is a combination of a physical education and arts-in-education program that teaches students a variety of skills used in the circus arts.

During the course of a week, fifth grade students learned skills from professionals including juggling, plate-spinning, balancing and handling devil sticks. Not only did they work to perfect these skills, they learned patience, confidence and self-discipline throughout the process.

At the end of the week, the fifth graders put on culminating show for their teachers, peers and families. Students were excited to showcase their new tricks and their peers were thrilled to cheer them on.

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Date Added: 1/31/2023

Fitness-Focused Fundraiser Raises Thousands for Tamarac

Three photos of students and the Harlem Wizards at the fitness focused fundraiser thumbnail240656

Tamarac Elementary has partnered with the Harlem Wizards for a fitness-focused fundraiser. As part of the WizFit challenge, students were encouraged to collect donations while learning about fitness and character education. Students watched interactive videos where they learned basketball tricks and activities coached by members of the Harlem Wizards. As a culmination of the fundraiser, some of the Wizards visited Tamarac Elementary School to put on a performance.

During the Harlem Wizards’ show, students participated in dances and watched their teachers showcase their basketball skills. Students raised nearly $15,000 for Tamarac Elementary School and its PTA, surpassing its goal of $10,000. For beating the goal, Tamarac Principal Dr. DeBello was duct-taped to the gym wall!

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Date Added: 1/30/2023

Athletic Recruiting Seminar

Athletic Recruiting Night graphic Saturday Feb 4 2023 at 10 AM North HS Auditorium thumbnail240524
Date Added: 1/27/2023


‘Spin, Pop, Boom!’ Presentation Wows Student Scientists

Students at Waverly Avenue Elementary School at the Lab Table thumbnail240516

Students at Waverly Avenue Elementary School stepped inside the world of science during an assembly called, “Spin, Pop, Boom,” presented by Mad Science. Students learned all about chemistry and reactions through exciting experiments and demonstrations.

Student volunteers stepped up to the lab table in front of the audience to learn about acids, bases and chemical reactions through hands-on activities. They watched Styrofoam cups melt in their hands, lids pop off of plastic cannisters thanks to an Alka-Seltzer reaction and even created “elephant toothpaste” by mixing hydrogen peroxide and soap.

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Date Added: 1/27/2023

Blacklight Café Night

Blacklight Café Night thumbnail240495

Sachem High School North art teachers and students transformed the Little Theater into a blacklight art gallery. Each course in the art department created blacklight sensitive projects. The community was invited to view the show on Jan. 19. Families participated in blacklight game, arts and crafts and enjoyed the displays.

Date Added: 1/26/2023