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Samoset Daily Announcements

Today is Wednesday, June 15, 2022 Day 171A

  • Breakfast is available to all students. You can pick up a permission form in the main office or cafeteria.

  • Great News! Students are now able to use the library after school. Stop by the library at lunch or during your passing time to pick up a pass. You MUST have a pass to stay after school in the library.

  • Students must wear IDs daily and have them visible.

  • The library will be closed after school beginning on Monday, June 13th.

  • Chromebooks do not get turned in. All middle school students bring their Chromebook home for the summer.  Students, please take care of your Chromebook and charger and remember to bring it back when you return in September with the case on.

  • Do you play an instrument? Do you have a dance or twirling background?  Maybe you’re interested in trying something new?  If so, you should come down to the last marching band rehearsal before the summer today, June 15th from 6:00-9:00pm at Sachem East.  Athletes, maybe fall is your offseason?  Come join us to stay in shape for your winter or spring sports!  All are welcome!  The band is getting ready to perform in Disney World this February.  We hope you can join us!!  See you tonight at 6:00pm on the East turf field.