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Sachem North High School


Week of April 15, 2024

  • Attention Seniors: the list of potential June graduates is posted by the Library, Guidance and upstairs by the Main Stairway. Please be sure to check the list for any discrepancies in spelling, spaces or hyphens. This is how your name will appear on your diploma. If you find an error, see Mrs. Azzara in room B112.
  • Attentions Seniors! Yearbooks are on sale! Visit the Sachem North Homepage for the link to order.
  • On Friday, April 19th the Interact Club will be hosting its annual St. Baldricks event. We are planning a fun day of competitions, prizes and of course, head shaving. You can get involved in 3 ways:

1-shave your head and raise money from the support of friends and family.

2-form a team and compete in relays and competitions.

3-attend as an audience member and cheer on your friends.

Tables will be set up to register with permission slips this week.

Thank you Sachem North for your continued help in the fight against childhood cancer.


Guidance News:

Week of April 15-19, 2024


Seniors! Countdown to Graduation!

Senior College flags are back! 

See your name and school on the doors of guidance.

How do you get one?

See your counselor and fill out a final transcript request form to have your transcript sent to your school, this summer and to have your Senior flag placed on the doors of guidance!


Upcoming ACT /SAT Test Dates and Registration Deadlines:


SAT:   May 4, 2024,                       Regular Registration deadline April 19, 2024

Late registration deadline is April 23, 2024

  June 1, 2024,                          Regular Registration deadline May 16, 2024                                                     


ACT:   June 8, 2024,                       Regular Registration deadline May 3, 2024





Today’s student of the day is Gianna Treppicione

Nominated by Mrs. Kiely

Mrs. Kiely says, Gianna is a stellar student and all around awesome person. She is such a hard worker, always gives 110% in class, takes the best notes and is always willing to contribute to class discussions. She is so smart, mature and polite and I have loved getting to know her this year. I can't wait to see all of her success in the future! Great job Gianna!


Today’s student of the day is Gianna Rapisardi

Nominated by Mrs. Kiely

Mrs. Kiely says, Gianna has been doing so great in Spanish class lately! She has been volunteering to answer questions every day and has been putting in an excellent effort. I am so happy to see all of her growth this year. She also just passed her road test and is going to have a great flag football season! Great job Gianna! 


Today’s student of the day is  Jimmy Locklin

Nominated by Mr. Oswald

Mr. Oswald says, Out of a class of 27, Jimmy was the only volunteer to help me demonstrate portrait lighting in our photography class. His actions spoke volumes. Thank you, Jimmy!


Today’s student of the day is Ethan Edelman

Nominated by Mrs. Downs

Mrs. Downs says, Ethan works very hard to perform at his best every single day. His dedication and his leadership in his section is appreciated by everyone around him. He makes everyone better. Great job Ethan!


Today’s student of the day is Ella Chapman

Nominated by Mrs. Levy

Mrs. Levy says, Ella is a hardworking, kindhearted and bright young lady. Not only is she always prepared for class, she is always smiling! I feel very fortunate to be her teacher. Great job Ella!


Today’s student of the day is Danny Collins

Nominated by Mrs. Zummo

Mrs. Zummos says, Danny is an incredibly positive, upbeat member of our classroom.  He is extremely diligent and can always be counted on to do the right thing- he is incredibly trustworthy! He is a positive influence on his peers and is respectful and kind to all in the class.  Danny is an active participant and always adds to class discussion.  We are lucky to have Danny in our period 4 Spanish class.  Keep up the great work Danny!


Today’s student of the day is Lenny Nowakowski

Nominated by Mrs. Morano

Mrs. Morano says, Lenny is an absolute pleasure to have in Global 9.  He is conscientious  about his work and takes his studies very seriously.  Lenny is a model student. Great job Lenny!


Today’s student of the day is Matthew Umbenhower

nominated by Mrs. Picksergill

Mrs. Pickersgill says, Matt is an incredible AP student who is always responsible, on time with assignments and works tremendously hard at all he does.  He is an accomplished musician and an overall kind, compassionate person.  He helps his peers and is never mean to anyone and therefore he is greatly respected.  His thoughtfulness is directly related to his success and it has been a pleasure to get to know him this year!  Great job, Matt!