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Sachem North High School



Mr. Andrew Larson
(631) 471-1400



Mr. Carusillo
Phone: (631) 471-1400 ext. 5515
Fax: (631) 471-1425

Mrs. Johnson
Phone: (631) 471- 1400 ext. 5525
Fax: (631) 471-1462

Mr. Cruz
Phone: (631) 471-1400 ext. 5530
Fax: (631) 471- 1419

Mr. Kolar
Phone: (631) 471-1400 Ext. 5520


Six of Life’s Puzzlers

  • Why is it easier to criticize than to compliment?
  • Why is it easier to give others blame than to give them credit?
  • Why is it that so many who are quick to make suggestions find it so difficult to make decisions?
  • Why can’t we realize that it only weakens those we want to help when we do things for them that they should do for themselves?
  • Why is it so much easier to allow emotions rather than reason to control our decisions?
  • Why does the person with the least to say usually takes the longest to say it?