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Nokomis Elementary School

Code of Ethics

As a student, I promise to:

· Attend school on a daily basis
· Come to school with a positive attitude
· Act in an orderly manner throughout the day
· Follow school safety rules and respect school property
· Be focused and do my best in class
· Ask for help when I need it
· Respect school staff, classmates and the cultural differences of others

As a parent, I promise to:
· Expect the best from my child
· Send my child to school prepared, punctual and ready to learn
· Find a quiet place for homework and make sure it’s done
· Help my child learn to resolve conflicts in positive ways
· Maintain open communication with school staff throughout the year
· Respect my child, school staff and the cultural differences of others

As a staff person, I promise to:
· Have high expectations for myself, students and other staff
· Provide a humanistic, nurturing, secure environment for all students
· Be compassionate and enthusiastic
· Meet the needs of individual students
· Communicate and work with families to support students’ learning
· Respect the cultural differences of students and their families