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  • Destination: Modern Art K-6 - Explore modern art through this site from New York's Museum of Modern Art. Look, listen, write, and create as you travel through the museum.
  • Jackson Pollock - Create art just like Jackson Pollock! Just  use your mouse and each time you click, a new color appears. 
  • Mr. Picasso Head - Explore the art of Pablo Picasso by creating your own modern art figure.
  • National Gallery of Art for Kids - Interactive art that you can make online. A beautiful, visually appealing site that lets imagination go wild!
  • Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery - This is an interactive site from Birmingham, England, with many games and activities from the Roman Empire to WW II, plus links to other sites within the museum. 


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Practicing Internet Safety at Home

The Good
The Internet is a wonderful tool anyone can use to gain knowledge in any field or subject of interest.  It is also a vehicle where individuals can communicate with others worldwide.  The information of the world is literally at our fingertips, … and the fingertips of our children!


The Bad
In addition to all of the useful and educational information available on the Internet, some real dangers are there too.  We must be aware that a great deal of Internet content is not appropriate for children.  That is why it is increasingly important to have excellent safeguards in place such as website-filtering software.  Without safeguards, children can easily be exposed to inappropriately explicit material; hate or racist web sites; promotional material about tobacco, alcohol, or drugs; graphic violence; and cyber bullying.


The Ugly
Another real danger is children and teens can become targets of cyber-stalking by predators through e-mail, chat rooms, instant messaging; or possibly harassed by repeated, unwanted, rude or threatening contact through the Internet. Predators lure innocent and bored kids by befriending them under false pretenses and false identification.


What Can Parents Do ?    
1. Talk openly about the importance of Internet Safety with your children. Parental involvement is crucial.
2. Set up the home computer in a common area where parental supervision can easily take place.
3. Take time to learn about Internet dangers and how your family can practice safety!