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Important information for students and parents


Parent Resources  

The following publications are designed specifically to endow parents with information, skills, and strategies necessary to handle a wide range of issues that arise during the course of their child's high school experience.

The 3-month Daily Learning Planner contains ideas that parents can use to help students do better in school. Day-by-day suggestions are contained on the planner and include not only school-related activities but also offers suggestions for activities that are designed to improve the level of communication between teens and their parents. Click on the link above to view the most current issue of the daily planner.

The third resource available for parents is titled High School Years and it includes a question and answer section on topics of interest to students and their parents, a Parent to Parent column, issue-specific discussion topics, and practical skills for students to use in school. This is also a monthly publication so click on the above link often to view the most current issue.

Parents may find the following articles interesting and informative. Please click on the article’s title to be taken directly to that article:

Surviving the High School Years: Could that really be your child attending high school? You’d better believe it! Strap yourself down tight – the next few years are going to be a fast and bumpy ride. Your teen has a lot to do between now and graduation and decisions to make about the future. Here is a year-by-year outline to guide you both.

Standardized test Secrets: Confident. Prepared. Relaxed. Well rested. These are the traits of successful test-takers. How can you ensure that your high schooler does their best on standardized tests? Share these answers to the most common questions teens ask before, during, and after tests.

Life After High School: Decisions, decisions… What’s a high school graduate to do? Go straight tot college? Get a job? Take a year off? Life is full of tough choices, especially when you are in high school. Share the following suggestions with your teenager as they explore their “life after high school” options.

Searching for College Scholarships: Don’t be daunted by the price tag on a college education. Moe than $1 billion is up for grabs each year in scholarships – which is money you and your high schooler don’t have to earn or repay. This guide will help you track down and apply for that free money.

Resolving Conflicts Peacefully: Conflict is a natural part o f life. As long as people have different needs and opinions, there will be disagreements. Your high schooler will have conflicts with siblings, classmates, friends, teachers, and you. The important thing is to learn how to resolve them non-violently.