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Business/Career Department 

Welcome to the Business/Career Department!

The world of work and careers is changing. The students who enter Sachem High School East this year must be prepared for the 21st Century workplace. The skills and knowledge that tomorrow’s workers will be required to have is just one step along the career pathway each student must navigate. The employers of tomorrow are looking for workers who possess a wide range of skills, including critical thinking, teamwork, communication, problem solving, self-direction, creativity and economic/business literacy. 

Today’s students will have between ten and fifteen jobs over the span of their careers. The one constant in all of this change is that the workers of tomorrow will be transporting their skills from employer to employer. Tomorrow’s workers need to be flexible and adaptable to change – often drawing on the skills and aptitudes learned from other experiences.

In the coming decades, some of the highest growth industries are ones that will draw upon the skills that are found in many of the Business courses at Sachem High School East. Sachem East’s Business and Career Development Department is committed to preparing our students with the knowledge, information and tools necessary to prepare for the 21st Century Workplace. 

In addition to our courses, Sachem East offers students the opportunity to learn more about business through our DECA chapter. DECA is a national club that is centered on enhancing the education of students with interest in marketing, management and entrepreneurship. DECA helps students to develop skills and competence for marketing careers, to build self-esteem, to experience leadership and to practice community service. 

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Department Chair: Mrs. Anthony
Telephone: 631-716-8200 ext. 5583




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Career & Financial Management (CFM)

Virtual Enterprise

Social Media Marketing

 Business Law

 Intro to College 101

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