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Languages Other Than English Department

The knowledge of another language has never been more important to Americans than it is today. In attaining the skills provided by foreign language education, we become more able to compete and perform successfully in today’s multicultural business and economic community. Our local community benefits as well, from those people who can use one or more foreign languages to provide the everyday services which are needed for our daily survival. Students are reminded of several important considerations related to foreign language study:

1. The greatest benefits are derived from a continuous course of study. In order to maintain a functional degree of proficiency, students should make an effort to follow the maximum course of study in their chosen language.

2. Most colleges require previous foreign language study of at least three years for entrance. In many cases, the college exit requirements for foreign language can be satisfied by study beyond the three-year high school sequence.

3. All foreign language courses follow the requirements established by the State of New York and those of the National Standards Committee. Classroom methodology stresses current communicative activities, which are aimed toward making the language useful in today’s multicultural society.

Department Chair: Mrs. Kammer 
Telephone: 631-716-8200 x5219

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