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Our Mission

The Office of Student Services ensures that students with disabilities are provided with a free and appropriate public education by offering  varied programs and services in the least restrictive environment.


Department Profile

It is the philosophy and practice of the Sachem Central School District to provide educational programs and services to meet the nature and extent of the severity of the child's disability and special needs.  Placements outside of the general class are only determined after careful consideration of the provision of supplemental aids and services.

The Sachem Central School District utilizes a variety of services, spanning the range from general education with supplemental support services to provision for private residential settings for the severely and profoundly disabled.
It is our practice that each special education student be educated in the least restrictive environment.  Every student needing special education programming/services must be provided such services with minimal displacement from his/her classroom.  For example, students will not be placed in special education classes if their needs can be adequately met through the provision of support services within the general education setting.

We believe that students and their parents must be viewed as active participants in the planning process. It is the school district’s responsibility to inform parents of their rights.  Parents must give their consent for formal evaluation by the school and should be invited to participate in any conferences held on behalf of their child.  Further, parents must be provided with written notice regarding the Committee on Special Education  (CSE) and Committee on Preschool Special Education (CPSE) determinations.  If parents disagree with the CSE/CPSE determinations, the parent is entitled to due process.  They may request special education mediation and/or an impartial hearing.

The following six five general objectives of the Office of Student Services are consistent with the philosophy outlined above.

1.  That every student who is the legal responsibility of the Sachem Central School District will receive a free and appropriate public education.  Students are eligible to receive educational services until the completion of the school year of their 21st birthday or until the attainment of a local/regents diploma, whichever occurs earlier.

2.  That the determination of the CSE/CPSE be consistent with the continuum of services outlined in the Commissioner's Regulations and be based on such items as: chronological age; learning rate; academic functioning; social/emotional development; physical development; and management needs.

3.  That every student with a disability will be educated in his/her least restrictive environment, and have access to the full range of programs and services available to their non-disabled peers.

4.  That every student with a disability has the right to participate in extra-curricular activities.

5.   That every student with a disability has an Individualized Education Plan Program (IEP) that is reviewed at least annually.