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Interested in Coaching? 

You will need the following in order to coach:




  • Certified Physical Education Teachers. A person who holds a valid certificate to teach physical education in New York State may coach any sport in any school, and does not need to complete the NYS Coaching Certification Coursework.
  • Other Certified Teachers and Non-Teachers. There are three(3) NYS Coaching Certification Courses that must be completed within the first five (5) years of coaching. The classes include:   
  1. Philosophy, Principles and Organization of Athletics in Education within two years from the date of initial appointment as a coach;
  2. Health Sciences Applied to Coaching within five years of appointment as a coach;
  3. Theory and Techniques of Coaching within five years of appointment as a coach.
  • It is the responsibility of the coach to submit proof of course completion (copy of certification or transcript) to Athletic Office upon completion.



  • It takes time to process all required information and you cannot start working with our student athletes until you have been BOE approved. Please submit all necessary paperwork ASAP to ensure all is completed and approved prior to the start of season you wish to coach in.
  • Volunteers- you must adhere to the exact same regulations as a paid coach. All the above must be submitted and BOE approval given before you may begin to volunteer as a coach.



Click here to view all NYS Approved Coaching Guidelines and Accepted Coursework, First AID and CPR/AED Providers. The district will only accept certifications from the NYS approved providers list.  

**Coaching Applications can be submitted by mail or fax**