Technology Creates Collaboration Among Community

Technology Creates Collaboration Among Community photo thumbnail123293

Solder joined together more than wires during the Build It Forward Project at Sachem High Schools East and North as students worked collaboratively with the Sachem Public Library to assemble a pair of 3D printers constructed of mostly 3D printed parts.

The yearlong collaborative effort created an important community connection in which the Sachem Public Library aided students in the assembly of a fully functional 3D printer. Working to construct individual printing devices, 3D Printing students at High School North and Computer Repair Technician students at High School East conferred with library staff as they referenced plans and printed parts of the printer on a 3D printer they had in the classroom. 

“Pooling our resources and working with open source designs and software, our students can collaborate in the planning, printing, building and even refining of the parts and pieces necessary for the project,” said Administrative Assistant for Instructional Technology Jack Renda. “As we integrate with our technology department and the focus of our elementary STEAM lessons in problem-solving and innovating, we know this real-world application will be an outstanding learning experience.”

Together students reviewed the intricate plans before printing each piece of the printer that they were tasked with constructing. As part of the tedious construction process, students displayed their knowledge of wiring, electronics, electronic communication and the installation of firmware and software. 

With the completion of the extensive project, the connection will continue between the library and school district as they plan to utilize the two 3D printers to create other printers for middle school and elementary school buildings throughout the district in the future. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering once again with the Sachem Public Library on this project,” Renda said. “Together, we continue to build great relationships with our buildings and libraries, and are excited for the opportunity our students will receive learning in depth about the inner workings of these devices as we build them.”