Sachem Student-Athletes Earn Top Winter Sports Honors

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Congratulations to the student-athletes listed below for receiving postseason honors in their respective winter sports. 

These student-athletes are recognized for their accomplishments and exceptional performances. 

These recognitions are awarded by the New York State Public High School Athletic Association, Section XI, Suffolk County coaches associations, Newsday and other sports-related foundations.

Sachem East Postseason Award Winners

Cheerleading Scholar-Athlete Team

Melissa Bossong:                     All-Division

Jessica Laudato:                      All-Academic

Hannah Shapiro:                     All-County


Boys Basketball: Scholar-Athlete Team

Chris Boothe:                           All-League

Ryan Kennedy:                        All-Academic

Liam Sheehy:                           All-League


Girls Basketball: Scholar-Athlete Team

Emma Lange:                          All-League, All-County

Mackenzie Szlosek:                 All-League, All-County

Samantha Szatkowski:                         All-League


Boys Winter Track: Scholar-Athlete Team

Christian Berberich:                All-League

Joe Berberich:                         All-League

Dan Leonard:                          All-League Long Jump, County Champion, All-County

Matt Pietzak:                           All-League


Girls Winter Track: Scholar-Athlete Team

League 1 Champions

Bridget Abraldes:                    All-League

Jasmine Ahmed:                      All-League, Academic All-County

Marcla Araujo:                        All-League

Angelina Colon:                       All-League

Arya Deshpande:                     All-League

Lindsey Dodenhoff:                 All-League, All-County

Chiara Marziali:                      All-League

Sabrina Mena:                         All-League

Julianna Mercado:                  All-League, Academic All-County

Melisa Merone:                      All-League

Arianna Moore:                       All-League

Anna Murphy:                         All-League

Ariann Robinson:                     All-League, All-State

Marissa Sciotto:                      All-League

Lauren Trejo:                           All-League, All-County, All-State

Kaylee Vanella:                       All-League

Alexis Violi:                              All-League

Rachel Weber:                        All-League





League 1 Dual Champs

League 1 Tournament Champs

Section XI Duals Champs


Lucas Coniker:                         All-League

Steve Dorman:                        All-League, All-County

Mark Kmiotek:                        All-League, All-County

Tom Marks:                             All-League

Sam Matlat:                            All-League, All-County

Trevor Murray:                       All-League

Ryan Paolella:                         All-League

Angel Pineda:                          All-League, Outstanding Wrestler, All-County

Brendan Syrop:                       All-League

Luis Valdez:                             All-League

Ryan Wahl:                              All-League

Jared Weinhaus:                      All-League, All-County, Suffolk County Champion, All-State




Sachem North Postseason Award Winners



Cheerleading: Scholar-Athlete Team

County Champions

State Champions

Emily Heinssen:                       All-Division

Julia Lange:                             All-Academic

Madison Wruck:                      All-County

Ariana Yasso:                           All-County


Boys Basketball: Scholar-Athlete Team

Bradley Anacreon:                  All-League, All-Conference

James Butler:                          Unsung Hero of League 1,

Joseph Petillo:                         All-Academic


Girls Basketball: Scholar-Athlete Team

Corinne Amato:                       All-Academic

Erin Avanzato:                         All-Academic

Hailey Hallum:                        All-League

Kennadie Hallum:                   All-League, All-Conference, All-County

Julia Turano:                            All-League, All-Conference


Boys Winter Track: Scholar-Athlete Team

Matthew Aliano:                     All-League

Nicholas Ambrosino:               All-League

Michael Bailey:                       All-League, All-County (Honorable Mention)

Ian Carollo:                             All-League

Tim Colgan:                             All-League

Alex Jean:                                All-League

Matt Kruse:                             All-League

Daniel McKay:                         All-League, All-County (Honorable Mention)

Steve Medina:                         All-League

Jaden Mennella-Singleton:     All-League, All-County (Honorable Mention)

Vidit Parikh:                            All-League

Devin Scavuzzo:                       All-League

Vincent Tripi:                          All-League

Chris Ventre:                           All-League, All-County (Honorable Mention)






Girls Winter Track: Scholar-Athlete Team

Annaliese Fabrizi:                    All-League

Gia Giudice:                             All-League

Katie Houston:                         All-League

Jordyn McDonnell:                  All-League, All-County

Christina Molinelli:                 All-League

Jessica Nischo:                         All-League, Academic All-County

Mikayla Pulido:                       All-League

Molly Ramirez:                        All-League

Jessica Sommers:                    All-League


Wrestling: Scholar-Athlete Team

Andrew Alfieri:                       All-League

Adam Barker:                          All-League

Michael Barker:                      All-League

Nick Cruz:                                All-League

Brian Eichler:                          All-League

Vinny Engel:                            All-League

Matt Keegan:                          All-League

Sean Lutin:                              All-League

J.T. Mankowich:                      All-League

John Mendes:                          All-League

Eric Wetherbee:                      All-League



Sachem Combined Team Postseason Award Winners



Boys Bowling: Scholar-Athlete Team

League Champions

Liam Beaucamp:                     All-League

John Clark:                              All-Conference

Justin DiMaggio:                     All-League

Hunter Levine:                        All-State

Nick Walker:                           All-League


Girls Bowling: Scholar-Athlete Team

Cira Arcangel:                         All-League

Nistha Boghra:                        All-Academic

Shannon Darby:                      All-Academic, All-League, All-County

Amanda Gildersleeve:            All-League, All-Academic

Emily Kulkarni:                        All-League, All-League

Kayla Manarino:                      All-Academic

Amanda Naujokas:                  All-League, All-County, All-State

Kristie Wadler:                        All-Academic


Boys Swimming: Scholar-Athlete Team

Sean Combs:                           All-League

Avery Davis:                            All-League, All-County

Mike Dowd:                             All-League, All-County, All-State

Ryan Engel:                             All-League, All-County

Quin Honan:                            All-League, All-County