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Samoset Middle School

Library Policies and Procedures

Students are encouraged to use the library to read, learn how to find and use information, conduct research, do homework and study.

Students may use the library with their class, during lunch, after school, or with a pass from a teacher.

If a student wants to use the library during their lunch period they should report to lunch first and ask the lunchroom duty teacher for a library pass. Lunch should be eaten before coming to the library.

The library will be closed to students during lunch periods when the library is being used for whole class instruction. If closed, the lunchroom duty teacher will not have passes available for distribution.

After school passes are available from the librarian any time during the day.

When students arrive in the library they must sign-in at the library desk and return passes.

Books and magazines may be borrowed for three weeks. Students may borrow two books or magazines at one time and may renew them if needed. Reference books may not be checked out.

The library does not charge overdue fines, but any books that are lost or damaged must be paid for according to District policy. All books must be returned before the end of the school year.

Students may use the Internet for research, projects, school work and homework only. Computers should be used appropriately and in accordance with the District’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Students may speak quietly with others, but must remember that other people may be studying.

Food, candy, gum, drinks and cellphones are not permitted in the library.

Students should clean up after themselves before leaving the library. Any borrowed materials should be returned, trash should be discarded and chairs pushed in.