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Sachem North High School

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Clubs & Honor Societies

The Following Clubs will be Running for the 2019 - 2020 School Year


Anime Club 
Art Club 
Buddies Club
Business & Marketing Honor Society
Central Treasurer 
Drama Producer
Economics and Finance 
Freshman Class Advisor 
Garden Club
Interact Club
Intercultural Council
Junior Class Advisor 
Leos Club
Model United Nations
National Art Honor Society
National Foreign Language Honor Society 
National History Honor Society
National Honor Society
National Math Honor Society
National Science Honor Society
National Technical Honor Society
Photography Club
Pitches United
Sachem North Gamers Club
Sachem North Gsa
Sachem North Mentors Club
Sachem North Pet Rescue Club
Sachem Robotics Team
School Store
Science Olympiad
Senior Class
Senior Day Coordinator
Senior Trip Coordinator
Skills Usa
Sophmore Class Advisors
Special Olympics
Stem Club
Student Government
Ted Ed/Talks
Yearbook Advisor
Yearbook Distribution
Young Adult Social Club


National Art Honor Society

  • High School Student grades 10th, 11th, or 12th
  • Must have completed 1 semester of art at Sachem North
  • Minimum of a B average maintained throughout the school year
  • Member may remain active when there is no art class on their schedule
  • Students home-schooled full time which meet all other requirements may beconsidered for NAHS membership
  • New students to our school who are active NAHS members will be permitted to join our school chapter

Business & Marketing Honor Society


  • Current enrollment in business/ marketing (fall and/or spring)
  • Sophomores & Juniors must complete 1 credit (2 semester or 1 full course) year by the end of the current school year
  • Seniors must complete 1 ½ credits by the end of the school year
    On The Job Work Experience and Office Work Experience (OWE) cannot be included

Minimum Criteria: 

  • Business/Marketing Courses-average of 88%
  • Overall Average-80%

Additional Criteria: 

  • Demonstrate your character, leadership and service
    8 hours of community service before induction in April
  • Teacher recommendations ( 4)
  • Attendance at the monthly meetings

Must complete 20 service hours during the school year this includes tutoring, club activities, charity work, or volunteer work.

Math Honor Society:

  • Courses that are COMPLETED or you CURRENTLY ENROLLED IN
    (Fall and/or Spring): Business Law, Virtual Enterprise 1, Virtual Enterprise 2, College Accounting, Career & Financial Management, Retail & Fashion Management, College Marketing & Advertising, Business and Personal Computer Applications, Sports & Entertainment Management, Wall Street: Investments, International Business, Into to College 101 


National History Honor Society

  • Must have completed 2 AP History Courses
  • Must Have a 90 or better weighted average and an 88 overall average.
  • Must attend all Meetings


  • Overall Weighted Average of 85 
  • Math Weighted Average of 90 in each math course 
  • Must be enrolled in Algebra II or higher to apply
  • Must have taken one AP or honors math course 


  • Students must complete 10 hours of math community service hours including 1 hour of math competition, 2 hours of tutoring or assisting a math teacher, 1 hour of volunteering for a Math Honor Society event 
Attend Math Honor Society meetings 

Science National Honor Society

Eligibility Requirements: 

  • Sophomores, Junior, Seniors class members
  • Must have completed prior to induction at least 2 honors or upper level science courses
  • Final transcript grades: Unweighted averages
    90 average in each Science Course 
    85 average in all other courses 
  • 2 Recommendations; One must be from science
    teacher from a full year course 

After inducted to remain a member 

  • 8 hours of community service specific to this honor society
  • Enrollment in a science course until graduation

National Technical Honor Society

  • Have an unweighted GPA of 80 or above in all other classes 
  • Have 2 CTE credits 
  • Have an average of a 90 in CTE coarse 
  • Get one teacher letter of recommendation 
  • Must attend 5 or more meetings 
  • Must complete 5 or more hours of community service 
  • Complete and return the application paper on time 
  • Attend induction ceremony 

Father's Club



The Fathers' Club would like to thank the following businesses for their support:

  • A.M. Fuel
  • Ginny Santangelo's Dance Center
  • Elite Nails
  • Crystal Garden Chinese Buffet
  • Mama Cucina's Pizzeria and Ristorante
  • China Jade Chinese Take-Out
  • Anna's Pizzeria
  • Chapman's Florist Headcutters
  • Liberty Tax Service
  • H&A Stationary


Facilitate the understanding and cooperation between fathers of high school students, teachers, administrators, parents, and the community of Sachem North and the Sachem School District. Provide opportunities for fathers and high school students to be brought closer in a spirit of better understanding and cooperation. The influence that fathers have is significant, serving as advisors, role models, and mentors. The Fathers' Club, through activities such as fundraising, seminars, and various projects, will provide an environment for this very special relationship to strengthen and grow.

Annual Dues

Annual Dues will be voluntary in contribution, as just participating in this group will be the best donation for our cause that one can give the community.

If you have any questions at all contact Jose Cruz at


All sports schedules can be accessed through Section XI.



Boys Soccer
Boys Volleyball

Girls Cross Country
Girls Gymnastics
Boys Cross Country
Girls Cheerleading

Girls Swimming
Field Hockey
Girls Tennis
Girls Soccer
Girls Volleyball
Boys Golf



Boys Basketball
Girls Basketball
Boys Bowling
Girls Bowling

Girls Winter Track
Boys Winter Track
Girls Cheerleading

Boys Swimming



Boys Tennis
Girls Lacrosse

Girls Track & Field
Boys Track & Field
Girls Golf

Boys Lacrosse