Sagamore’s Cross-Country Team

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By Emma Santos & Syed Dawood, 7th grade

So far, 2019 has been an enjoyable year for the Sagamore cross country team. Currently, the ground-breaking runners have held a repetitive score, continuously being triumphant. Ms. Angermeier is the coach of the exceedingly successful team. Everyone is undergoing strong ecstatic vibes running for the Sagamore cross-country team. Our fellow team member Demarco Heron states, "Cross-country is pretty fun."

To commence practice, the team jogs around the school's field hockey field. After jogging, as a team, we collectively stretch together in sets. Depending on the day, our coach prepares an exercise for us to practice. Usually, after practicing, we run the one-mile course, which is a perimeter of the school field. Cross-country is a running sport enjoyed nationally, and we recommend trying the sport one day.