Learning Practices to Preserve the Earth

Learning Practices to Preserve the Earth photo thumbnail121572

Earth-conscious practices were at the forefront of a workshop conducted during the school year for first grade students at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School led by professionals from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Suffolk County.

As part of the Once is Enough educational program, students learned why it is important to reduce, reuse and recycle items they use each day. During the workshop, students were challenged to select whether an item should be composted, reused or recycled. Students also learned how to make recycled paper by adding shredded paper and water to a blender to create paper pulp. Students pressed the water from the paper pulp and let it dry to create their very own recycled paper. 

The visit served as a timely addition to the first grade project-based learning initiative in which students learn ways to reuse and recycle materials to benefit the environment.