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Sachem Stands Together on P.S. I Love You Day

Sachem Stands Together on P.S. I Love You Day photo thumbnail109790

Students and staff across the Sachem Central School district participated in a collection of heartwarming events and activities last week in recognition of P.S. I Love You Day, an initiative that looks to eliminate bullying and promote mental health awareness.

At elementary schools around the district, students were joined by peer education students from Sachem High School East and North who led inspiring assemblies on kindness and being proud of who you are. As part of the assemblies, peer educators facilitated activities showcasing the power of a compliment and how one simple act of kindness can change someone’s day. 

During an activity at Cayuga Elementary School in Jaimie DiPalma and Kristin Ruhs’ second-grade class, students created kindnessgrams in which students wrote a list of compliments to one of their peers and shared it aloud to the class. With bright smiles, students read and received compliments until the entire class had shared. 

At Sachem High School East, peer education students encouraged faculty, students and staff to visit the Peer Education Station where they could design and decorate a puzzle piece that highlighted the qualities that make them unique. The assembled puzzle will remain displayed in the hallway, representing the unique characteristics found in the individuals throughout the school building. 

“The puzzle pieces are a representation of how we are all unique individuals, but together we create a beautiful school community,” said High School East senior Hope Froehlich. “Each piece is a representation of exactly who you are because you have the ability to design it yourself.” 

At the conclusion of the week, students and staff dressed in purple to foster kindness, create a welcoming environment and signify that no one is ever alone.