Welcome to our Solar System Pathfinder. The Solar System is a very exciting place. Students can take a journey to all nine planets and learn many fun facts about the sun, atmosphere and gravity. Get your space suits on and get ready to blast off!

This is geared for grades 2-3. Students and teachers can find many resources to enhance their curriculum on the solar system.


Key Words


Solar System

Astronomy and Space


Space Exploration

Saturn (Photo Credit: NASA)


Online Resources

Great Links to learn about the Solar System On the Web

Nasa Kids: Solar System NASA invites kids only to explore, learn and play!
Solar System Exploration This site gives us a closer look at the planets and where they are located.
Challenging the Space Frontier Scholastic offers articles and different space related activities and games.
Discovery Channel Space Guide The Discovery Channel gives you a guide to space!
National Geographic Exploring Space Discover space through the eyes of National Geographic.
Virtual Science Center The Chabot Space Center brings the exhibits to your home or school through the computer!
Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Take a trip to the Air and Space musuem without leaving you seat!


Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia www.gogrolier.com (Need username and password) This encyclopedia talks about the solar system, gives a brief history and has beautiful pictures.
WorldBook Online Link to WorldBook Online (Need username and password) This has dictonary and encyclopedia links which contain a lot of great diagrams and images.
The New Book of Knowledge www.gogrolier.com (Need username and password) This encyclopedia gives a good description of the solar system and links to articles about the topic.
Answers.com http://www.answers.com This site gives the dictionary definition and has an encyclopedia below where it talks about planetary origins and has links to the different planets.

Photos and Images

Views of the Solar System http://www.solarviews.com/eng/homepage.htm Beautiful Images of the Solar System.
Pics4Learning http://pics.tech4learning.com/ Many interesting images of the Solar System.
Ask.com Images http://www.ask.com Thousands of pictures and clip art of the solar system


United Streaming

United Streaming has a number of educational videos including The Magic School Bus Gets Lost in Space by Scholastic at www.unitedstreaming.org. This site is hosted by WLIW 21.


Thinkport hosts many online video clips at http://www.thinkport.org/Classroom/onlineclips.tp


Searchasaurus EBSCO Host: Need user name and password. Do a primary search for magazines and articles on the solar system.

t the Solar Syst

Books about the Solar System

Exploring the Night Sky by Terence Dickinson
This book is an astronomy guide for beginners. It gives them an unbelieveable first look at space.

There 's No Place Like Space: All About Our Solar System by Tish Rabe and Aristides Ruiz
A look at the solar system through the eyes of the Cat in the Hat!
Postcards from Pluto : A Tour of the Solar System by Loreen Leedy
Six tourists are led by a robot on a trip through space.

The Children's Space Atlas : A Voyage of Discovery for Young Astronauts by Robin Kerrod
A quick reference quide to space.


Photo by Calvin J. Hamilton
Drawings by Mrs. Cliffords 2nd Grade Class


by Kristyna Acerno