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Building Smarter ways to use the SMART Board and Support Math Core Content K-8

Various interactive activities arranged by category:

Use this to demonstrate translations, rotations, reflections of squares, triangles, parallelograms on a grid, this is a really nicely done site (I do not believe that you can draw your own figure from scratch, but hitting the “new triangle/square, etc” button brings up a different one each time)

This is a pretty neat graphing calculator simulator (similar to the Ti-83/84) in functionality. Use the onscreen buttons to enter y=formulas (be sure to turn the checkbox on to show the graph), use data points, or include the coefficients a,b, and/or c into your formula to allow them to change “on the fly”. For example, use Y1=a*x+b so students can use the sliders at the bottom of the page to observe the effect on the line immediately

Create a Graph is a basic online graphing tool – only does the basics so it is easy to use – graphs can be printed out or copied into a word document

A y=mx+b interactive graphing page. Students can change the values of m and b to see what happens

A virtual Geoboard - students take the rubber bands and stretch them across pegs, has a measurement tool to show slope and distance as well

Change the rate of filling of a tank and observe the changes on the graph

A Quia quiz on Graphing terms has four activities: matching, a concentration matching, flash cards and a word search (features definitions that students must find the words in the puzzle) – all are interactive

A word type problem on reading graphs for cost per minute, has slider to change location on graph

Another word type problem with real life type numbers on eliminating medicine from the human body

Creates a line of best fit for given data points – students can enter their own data points and estimate the best fit or have the computer generate one

This has some real life data and ides for lesson plans, but is not interactive

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