Mimio in the Classroom

Do you know how to use a whiteboard? 

Can you turn on a computer?  
Then you can use the Mimio in your Classroom.

Attach a Mimio to your whiteboard, connect to a computer and everything you write or draw is electronically captured - in color and real-time - so that it can be instantly saved and shared with students, parents and colleagues anywhere, anytime. Print, email or export class notes to HTML and post to a website.

Connections to the New York State English Language Arts Learning Standards



Mimio Images

Quick Time Demonstration
(Uses QuickTime Player)

Students completed the following sentences by selecting synonyms and antonyms for selected words.  A follow up activity may be found at the website below.  Students can color the pictures accordingly.


Synonyms and Antonyms
synonyms.jpg (81089 bytes)  antonyms.jpg (78505 bytes)

Students created their own worksheets in order to practice their contractions.

Go on a scavenger hunt on the web to find contractions in children's literature.


contractions.jpg (57879 bytes)

These Venn Diagrams answer sample questions from the fable The Three Fish.


The Three Fish
Venn Diagrams

threefish1.jpg (74817 bytes)  

These graphic organizers were created during a guided reading activity with the story Lizards for Lunch by Conrad J. Storad.

Lizards for Lunch
Mind Map and Chart

petsweb.jpg (69797 bytes)  petschart.jpg (57156 bytes)