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Coordinator for Child Care

Chair and Lead Positions
Department Chairpersons
Chairperson-Committee for Special Education
Elementary Principals’ Aides
Elementary Principals’ Aides for ELA, Math and Science

AP Test Coordinators

Maintenance, Grounds and Custodial
No postings at this time

No postings at this time

No postings at this time

Food Services
No postings at this time

Substitute Nurse
Lead Nurse

Instructional Staff
2015 Retirement Incentive Letter

Wilson Literacy Professional Developer

Instructional Technology
No postings at this time

Music Positions
No postings at this time

RTI / RTTT Positions
No postings at this time


Campus Security
No postings at this time

Special Education Summer School
Extended School Year Teacher Aide and School Communication Aide
Extended School Year Application for: Teacher, TA, Individual/Classroom Aide
Extended School Year Nurse
Extended School Year Psyc, Soc Worker, Speech, ABA, more
Extended School Year Sub
Extended School Year TA and Interpreter
Extended School Year Teachers

Summer Enrichment Camp
No postings at this time

Summer ESL Program
Summer School ESL Instructors

Summer Remedial Reading Program
No postings at this time

Summer Pre-K Remedial Program
No postings at this time

Remedial Secondary Summer School
No postings at this time

Alternative Learning Center
No postings at this time

Alternative Evening HS
School Supervisor
Asst. Supervisor

Teaching Assistant Positions
No postings at this time

Coaching Opportunities
No postings at this time

Coaching Application

Application for Non-Instructional Personnel

Gail A. Grenzig
Assistant Superintendent for Personnel
51 School Street
Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779

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The Personnel Office will periodically post notices of available positions.  These notices are posted in each building and may be posted on this link on the website. In order for someone to be considered for these positions, they must have already completed a district application with the district.  The district application is not the application that may accompany a posting; it is the application all employees are required to fill out before they are even considered for employment.  Non-instructional employees can pick up the application at District Office or download the non-instructional application and Instructional Employees must fill out the instructional application on-line.  The link can be found on the Teacher or Teacher Assistant web pages or can be accessed above.

How to apply for a posting: Do not apply via email; it will be returned. 

 All postings must be mailed or dropped off at District Office.

bullet Already Employed by the District - follow the directions on the posting for any area you believe you are qualified.  Please check - for instructional areas you must have the appropriate certification.
bullet Not Employed by the District - you must fill out an application for employment with the Sachem Central School District before you can consider any posting.

bullet Please adhere to deadlines and specific directions in each posting or you will not be considered. 
bullet If there is an application with a posting, please make sure you use it and fill it out correctly.  We can not be responsible for applicant errors.
bullet Current employees will be given first consideration for postings.
bullet Applying for a posting is not a guarantee of employment or even an interview.  There is no obligation or guarantees presented by the district.
bullet You must ensure that the response to all postings are in the Personnel Office by the date specified - there are no exceptions to this.  Please do not call the Personnel Office to explain situations or to check to see if we received your application. 
bullet The Personnel Office is not responsible for application errors, materials that do not arrive through the mail or on time, or errors made by candidates.  The responsibility for correctly responding to all postings lies with the prospective employee.