Flowers to Bloom Into Promises for Peace

Flowers to Bloom Into Promises for Peace  thumbnail144043
Students across grade levels at Waverly Elementary School recently attended a special assembly that promoted peace throughout their school community and beyond. 

As part of the event, each student at Waverly Elementary School was asked to write an essay on what peace means to them. Then, during the assembly, several students were selected to read their essays to fellow classmates, allowing the students to reflect on the ideas of their peers. 

Continuing the connection to promoting peace throughout Waverly, the students organized a fundraiser to benefit The Team Jesse Foundation, which provides education and support to families of fallen soldiers in honor of Staff Sgt. Jesse Williams. The students sold Team Jesse bracelets and presented the money they raised to the parents of Kevin Mincio, founder of The Team Jesse Foundation.

To conclude the event, all students wrote pledges on how they can make Waverly Elementary a better place. They then walked outside the school to plant daffodil bulbs that will bloom into beautiful flowers in the spring, reminding each student of their promises to promote peace.