Technology Helps Create Connections to Curriculum

Technology Helps Create Connections to Curriculum photo thumbnail118242

Curriculum connections were plentiful for students at Sachem High School North during a recent visit from the Sachem Public Library, as students engaged in several activities utilizing high- and low-tech educational tools.

During science and math classes, students across grade levels experimented with educational technologies that emphasized science, technology, engineering and math. Students used Magical Magnets to create three-dimensional figures, structures and shapes in addition to testing their design abilities using Strawbees and Legos. 

Exploring more complex technologies, students used the Autodesk program to improve their freehand drawing skills and fuel interests in digital art. Additionally, students tried on virtual reality headsets and used iPads to control mBot robots. 

The visit from the public library allowed students to explore current curriculum concepts using a versatile selection of educational materials.