Five first graders in John Segreti’s class at Gribbin Elementary School had their original poems selected for publication in the 2013 edition of the Anthology of Poetry by Young Americans. Those students are:

  *   Jordan Twine
  *   Juliana Lopez
  *   Victoria Baboolal
  *   Emily Mongelli
  *   Kate Clermont

These students authored poems on a wide range of topics, including teachers, toys, princesses, reading, and even the iPhone. Their winning entries will be read over the school’s public address system in the coming weeks. Mr. Segreti is pictured here holding last year’s Anthology with the winning authors appearing in the order in which they are previously listed.

The Anthology of Poetry of Young Americans is a forum that recognizes writing excellence in students from kindergarten through grade twelve. Every year since 1990 the finest and most creative student poems and short stories appear in the Anthology, which is published in soft and hard cover formats. To order a copy or view or submit entries online, go to or call (336) 626-7762. You can also email