Cultivating Creativity on Kid Inventors Day

Cultivating Creativity on Kid Inventors Day photo

Last month, students across grade levels at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School participated in a plethora of hands-on activities showcasing their creativity as part of Kid Inventors Day.

Concluding their study of penguins, kindergarten students designed and constructed a raft that would remain buoyant while holding a paper penguin. Using a select amount of straws and tape, students collaboratively constructed their rafts before testing their capabilities. Following the activity, students reviewed the building and design process and ways they could have improved their designs. 

In third grade, students continued their study of buoyancy and states of matter during an exciting activity in which students designed a boat made from tin foil that could hold the greatest number of pennies. As the activity progressed, students collected data on their vessels and how they performed.

Continuing the day of creativity, coding was incorporated into a challenging activity for fourth-grade students. They used the Scratch program to code a robot to complete various tasks such as traveling through space and playing basketball.