Seneca Students Attend Robotics Qualifier

Seneca Students Attend Robotics Qualifier photo

On Saturday, Jan. 26, Seneca Middle School’s Lego robotics team competed in the First Lego
League Robotics Qualifier event at Mineola High School with team members Christopher Acosta, Taylor Califano, Jackson Catalano, Michael Lubniewski, James Ryan, Matthew Scavo, Hannah Thomas, Matthew Vilbig and Ryan Zhu, led by co-coaches Heidi Michta and Michael Lundstrom, both teachers at Seneca.

The qualifier event consisted of four areas scored by judges: project, core values, robot presentation and the robot game. Each year, a theme is selected that influences each of the judged events. This year’s theme was “Into Orbit” and each team was tasked with identifying a physical or social human problem faced during long-duration space explorations within our solar system and to propose a solution. The team of Sachem students focused on researching radiation in space and its effects on the humans who work in the space stations. After completing their project, students presented their findings and solution in a creative way to the panel of judges. 

The students successfully completed each task and displayed extraordinary teamwork to accomplish their goals.