New Math Units Add to Student Success

Recognizing the diverse academic needs that are essential to the success of our students, the Sachem Central School District has developed a new Elementary Math Workshop curriculum aligned with the requirements of the New York State Education Department’s revised Mathematics Learning Standards. 

In advance of the 2018-19 school year, a group of Sachem administrators and educators developed a consistent framework for equipping elementary students with a deep understanding of the mathematical concepts necessary to have continued success throughout their education. With the implementation of these new units, the district has created a foundation of common skills, strategies and vocabulary terms for teachers to deliver a symmetrical instructional experience for students across each elementary building. This foundation ensures all grade K-5 students receive instruction on similar concepts in alignment with middle school coursework, enabling a smooth, successful transition to upper grade levels. 

“As a district, we know how important it is to develop flexible mathematical thinkers with good number sense,” said Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction Erin Hynes. “We are committed to meeting each student where they are in the learning process and moving them towards mastery as quickly and efficiently as possible, using research-based strategies.”  

With this new curriculum, students engage in hands-on, manipulative-based, cooperative learning, while facilitating an enjoyable educational experience. Additionally, the inclusion of small-group instruction strives to enable students to build upon foundational skills and work towards mastery of essential math skills. 

Enhancing the Student Experience with Seventh-Grade World Languages

As research notes that those who study a second language at a younger age experience tremendous benefits and increased fluency, the district’s seventh-grade students at each middle school have begun learning French, Italian or Spanish this year, a program of study that previously began in the eighth grade. 

As part of the introductory experience, which replaces the flex period, students take part in a foundational study of either language and work to optimize educational opportunities. With the addition of world language instruction in seventh grade, students now have an additional year to establish key primary language skills that they will cultivate in future language courses.  

Empowering Innovators Through Talks on Technology 

The use of technology and the internet has become an imperative tool for student discovery, learning and research. As students advance through their education, new technological devices, programs and practices emerge that challenge them in ways different than ever before. As a district, it is of the utmost importance that we educate students to become skilled users of such technology and empower them with the knowledge to be responsible digital citizens. 

With this idea in mind, the Sachem Central School District actively educates students on existing technology and encourages students to eventually create technology of their own. Through the study of the internet, students learn how to responsibly research for information and identify credible sources. As students continue to explore the capabilities of current technology, educators expose students to collaborative online learning environments to safely monitor student interactions as they become familiar with today’s digital landscape. 

Moving forward, the district will continue to offer opportunities to learn from experts on the latest educational technologies, including the importance of safe and responsible internet use through student assemblies and parent workshops.