By Sana Zahid, 8th grade

The Courtyard/Environmental Club brings together people who want to help improve the environment. Helping clean the courtyard, decorating the courtyard, and running the recycling programs at Sagamore are just some of the things they take part in. Not only does the club provide a great opportunity to make a difference, it also brings people together and provides memorable experiences. I interviewed the club, and these were some of the responses by members:  

What made you start the club?

“I was very upset because our school building didn’t have a recycling program. Recycling is a really important part of the environment. When Sequoya joined Sagamore, they had an environmental club and when the director recycled I wanted to take over”.
 -Mrs. Grant Director of Environmental Club.  

Why did you join the club?

“I like helping the environment and hanging out with my friends.”
-Mateo Capraro

Why did you join the club?

“Mrs. Grant is fun to hang out with and I like helping the animals.”
-Dylan Conelli

What do you like to do in the club?

“I like to help the environment and hangout with my friends.”
-Samuel Cheng

How many years have you been in the club and what made you stay?

“I stayed in the club for three years because I like helping the environment, and the small group of people make it better.”
-Arrdah Zaman