Local ‘Eggspert’ Helps Students Crack the Case

Local ‘Eggspert’ Helps Students Crack the Case photo
A mysterious student discovery prompted a second-grade study of bird eggs at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School. 

After a second-grade student stumbled upon a bird egg during recess earlier this year, students were determined to identify what type of bird the egg came from. In class, students began researching numerous species of birds found on Long Island and compared their eggs to the one that was found. Students observed the egg and gathered information on the color, size and shape to make a prediction based on their research. Each class chose one type of bird it believed the egg came from and presented its reasoning to all second-grade classes.

Peter Walsh, the education director of the Seatuck Environmental Association, visited students and delivered a presentation on the different species of birds found throughout Long Island. Students learned the essential characteristics used in identifying birds, such as their beak length and thickness and feather coloration. In addition, students explored different eggs from birds around the world, such as the ostrich. 

With the help of Mr. Walsh, the egg discovered by the students was determined to be from a mourning dove.