Laying the Foundation for Healthy Habits

Laying the Foundation for Healthy Habits photo
Laying the Foundation for Healthy Habits photo 2
After several weeks of extensive training and preparation, students from Sachem High Schools North and East came together to educate sixth-grade students across Sagamore Middle School as part of the Teens as Teachers Substance Abuse Prevention and Education Program Club and course. 

During their recent visit to Sagamore Middle School, the trained peer educators facilitated interactive lessons on how to build self-confidence and resist the pressures to use alcohol and drugs. Utilizing the researched-based Too Good for Drugs curriculum, the trained student educators empower sixth-grade students with the skills to make healthy decisions that lead to a substance free life. 

“It is important for younger students to have positive role models,” said Elizabeth Reimer, president of the Teens as Teachers Club. “This course teaches students how to navigate middle and high school by making healthy decisions, managing emotions and setting positive goals to achieve.” 

The peer educators who participate in the program will travel to each Sachem middle school as part of a four-workshop series educating sixth-grade students on these healthy strategies. 

“The sixth-graders are not the only ones who benefit from this program,” said Chairperson for Secondary Health Education Lori Hewlett. “The peer educators build valuable leadership skills, improve communication skills, build confidence and contribute to the success of fellow students. Our program has expanded by acting as a model which other school districts seek to emulate.”