Sachem Students’ Expand Repertoires at PEAK Music Festival

Sachem Students’ Expand Repertoires at PEAK Music Festival photo

The musical talents of 28 Sachem Central School District fourth-grade elementary school students shined during the Suffolk County Music Educators Association’s 10th annual Parents, Educators and Kids Music Festival at Northport High School on Oct.27.

Approximately 200 students from 32 Suffolk school districts were represented during the PEAK Festival where they participated in several musical workshops exploring areas such as world drumming, folk dance, ukulele and bucket drumming lead by Sachem music educator Dr. Dylan Benson. The gifted student-musicians shared these musical experiences with family members before the festival concluded, with a performance comprised of the top fourth-grade elementary musicians from Suffolk County.  

“The PEAK Music Festival is an excellent opportunity for students to perform music of all different genres and mediums on a grander scale than that of the general music classroom,” said Laura Wasdo, Sachem chairperson for elementary music. “These experiences engage students in performances with hundreds of other peer musicians.”

For the 10th consecutive year, Cayuga Elementary School music teacher Jennifer Fischer organized the festival. Music educators participating in the workshops are encouraged to draw inspiration from the activities they attend and incorporate elements into their own classroom lessons.  

Congratulations to the following students who were selected to take part in this event:

Camron Amallobieta 
Kaeylyn Califano
Nicholas Carusillo 
Samuel Chase
Sarina Chiello 
Emmaline Craner
Christine Darmanin 
Hannah Dente
Liam Dodge 
MaggieLyn Fernandes
Cora Gillespie 
Gabriella Guerra 
Brynn Halloran 
Cameron Holub 
Kylie Hughes
Ethan Klug
Ryan Lamm
Brett McKeon
Sadie Poach 
Chase Reynolds
Derek Roper 
Isabella Schwaner
Isabella Sinclair
Erik Spera 
Jacob Steffens 
Ava Storzinger
Alex Tavares 
Olivia Wherry