Lynwood Avenue Elementary Celebrates World Kindness Day

Lynwood Avenue Elementary Celebrates World Kindness Day photo
As part of a schoolwide celebration of World Kindness Day on Nov. 13, students at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School gathered for a heartwarming assembly program which showcased numerous acts of kindness that the building had participated in this year. 

World Kindness Day is an initiative which highlights good deeds in the community and focuses on the positive power and ability of kind acts to connect people from all ethnic backgrounds, religions and regions of the world. Throughout the assembly the ideas of kindness, empathy and inclusion were reiterated as they were present in each of the student-led acts of kindness. 

It was announced at the assembly that each Tuesday, Lynwood students will participate in Kindness Tuesday, when they will continue their ongoing celebration of kindness. At the conclusion of the presentation, each student received a shirt sporting the slogan “Lynwood Runs on Kindness,” courtesy of the Lynwood Avenue Parent Teachers Association.