Furry Friend Shares Methods of Meteorology

Furry Friend Shares Methods of Meteorology photo
Furry Friend Shares Methods of Meteorology photo 2
The science of meteorology shined through during a recent educational assembly at Merrimac Elementary School that explained numerous weather concepts in a unique way. 

As the assembly began, all second-grade classes were greeted by an unfamiliar face. Schmitty the Weather Dog, the pup with a nose for weather adorned in vibrant yellow rain gear, was ready to share meteorology knowledge with the eager students. Incorporating a unique musical element into the lesson, Schmitty’s owner, Meteorologist Ron, taught students about numerous different storms, including the difference between hurricanes and tornados. Continuing the engaging event, student volunteers answered various questions identifying the five forms of precipitation: rain, sleet, hail, snow and freezing rain. 

At the conclusion of the assembly, teachers were invited to sing the weather songs along with the students. Throughout the month of October, Schmitty the Weather Dog will make several stops throughout the Sachem Central School District.