Peer Mentors Guide Students to Success

Peer Mentors Guide Students to Success photo
Sachem High School North has enhanced the existing homeroom period with an advisory element that introduces members of the Peer Mentor Club to freshman and sophomore students in an effort to develop new relationships and provide academic advice and support. 

Led by advisors Grace Cervini and Mary Kuerner, the 200-member Peer Mentor Club at High School North is the largest peer mentor group in New York State. Each year, the club members are professionally trained through the New York State Mentoring Program to provide one-on-one assistance to fellow students.  

“As a ninth-grader, my mentor really helped me through the start of high school,” said student mentor and current junior, Mason Stassi. “I want to be able to help students in the same way.” 

Each peer mentor works with a specific homeroom group where they lead numerous teambuilding activities to strengthen connections among students, provide academic support and generate group discussions to help new students become socially acclimated to their new environment. 

“Our job as mentors is to help new students make connections in the building as they begin high school,” said Mike Pellomo, a senior. “Providing guidance as a mentor has been one of my greatest experiences in high school.”  

As the year continues, the student mentors will act as an informational resource to students during the homeroom period, providing valuable insight into building activities, special events and educational opportunities.