Mad Science Workshop Wows Hiawatha Students

Mad Science Workshop Wows Hiawatha Students photo

Hiawatha Elementary School fourth- and fifth-grade students explored the many wonders of science by creating crafty chemical concoctions during a workshop presented by Mad Science.

With the help of guest speaker Xenon Zach, students took part in experiments that tested different properties of chemicals. They learned about substances that are hydrophilic and are attracted to water as well as substances that are hydrophobic and repel water. Student groups participated in an experiment that showcased the hydrophobic properties of certain chemicals by pouring hydrophobic sand on top of water and gently putting their finger into the sand layer without getting wet. As part of an additional experiment highlighting the unique properties of various chemicals, students created colorful art using shaving cream and water-based paints. Shaving cream is both a hydrophobic and hydrophilic substance that absorbed and rejected the various colors that were then swirled in circles, creating vibrant artwork.      

Throughout the activity Xenon shared helpful tips with students so that they can recreate similar experiments at home with everyday household items.