Cosmetology Students Explore the World of Wigs

Cosmetology Students Explore the World of Wigs photo

Hair industry specialists paid a visit to Sachem High School North and East recently as cosmetology students attended an informational presentation exploring the multidimensional world of wigs.

Hair solution experts Nancy Kurfurst and Gail Sanderson from Wig Allure in Lake Grove delivered an eye-opening presentation on the expansive background of the wig industry. Students learned about the numerous types of hair solutions available to those who have experienced medical or natural hair loss. Additionally, they were introduced to different wig materials, how to choose the best option for each particular customer and the extensive work that goes into the production of a wig. 

“We measure our day in hugs,” Wig Allure owner Ms. Kurfurst said. “It is a moving experience to give someone back the thing that they lost.” 

As part of the cosmetology class unit on wigs, the presentation allowed students to ask industry leaders questions about their specific area of the hair profession.