Science Lessons Plant Seeds to Recycle at Lynwood Elementary

Science Lessons Plant Seeds to Recycle at Lynwood Elementary photo

Earth-conscious concepts sprouted from several recent science lessons in Gwendolyn Levesque’s first-grade class at Lynwood Avenue Elementary School.

Ms. Levesque’s class explored a number of Earth science topics aimed at the conservation and revitalization of Earth’s resources. In an activity focused on recycling, students studied different ways that items could be repurposed. Students watched a video showing how used car tires are repurposed as an alternative material for roads. Mirroring this process, students crushed Cheerios into fine crumbs that were then added to plaster of Paris to create their own miniature roadways. 

During an additional activity, students crafted cups out of newspaper that they used to plant sunflower seeds. The lesson taught students about recycling by using the old newspaper for an alternative purpose. Through the lesson, students were introduced to the concept of biodegradability – they learned that the newspaper would break down over time and allow the roots to grow freely in the soil. 

Continuing the lesson on plants, Levesque’s class studied the many different types of plants, the various parts of a plant and the process of photosynthesis. Concluding the activity, students carefully planted flower seeds inside of a cup and watered them. 

Just in time for Earth Day, the student activities coincided with the class unit on life science.