‘Frozen’ Faces Depict History for Hiawatha Students

‘Frozen’ Faces Depict History for Hiawatha Students photo

Prominent figures stood suspended in time throughout the gymnasium of Hiawatha Elementary School, as second-grade students dressed up like historical role models for the 10th annual Hiawatha Wax Museum.

Students incorporated various props into their displays, such as posters and short informational essays filled with facts about the person they chose to portray. As the second-graders remained frozen in their poses, students throughout the building had the opportunity to walk through the wax museum. Parents also visited and learned about the many significant people from history the students represented. 

The “wax” figures included Susan B. Anthony, Neil Armstrong, Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama and George Washington, among many others. 

The annual wax museum aligns with the nonfiction genre studies element of the English language arts curriculum, in which students choose biographies of historical figures to research.