Wenonah Community Night Brings a Breath of Fresh Air

Wenonah Community Night Brings a Breath of Fresh Air photo

During a collaborative display of community, family and friends, Wenonah Elementary School transformed its classrooms into a collection of informative activities for all to enjoy as part of its annual community night held on April 19.

The theme for this year’s community night was “The Air Around Us” and was the basis for each of the exciting activities taking place throughout the building. As part of the theme, students engaged in a number of lessons during classroom instruction that focused on a wide range of careers and concepts involving air. 

Serving as an exciting kickoff event, on April 18, students were treated to a unique presentation on hot air balloons given by Captain Lee Teitsworth of the Liberty Balloon Company from Groveland, New York. Teitsworth performed a partial inflation demonstration from which students learned how a balloon reacts to wind. During the introduction to ballooning, students learned about the importance of weather, physics and aviation concepts that contribute to a balloon’s successful flight. 

On the night of the event, the school cafeteria was lined with booths represented by local vendors and community members who have careers associated with air. Students and their families visited booths led by BeeWitched Bee Local Honey and Bee Products, CPI Aerostructures, Patient AirLift Services, St. Charles Hospital CPR educators and a commercial airline pilot, among many others.   

Around the building, students had the opportunity to fly a plane using a flight simulator with help from private pilot Brian Schulman, Skype with meteorologist Chris Bruin from The Weather Channel, learn how sound waves move through the air and view air-themed projects created by students on each grade level. The fun continued at multiple other stations where students spoke with scuba divers, learned about birds and bird feeders, crafted egg carton helicopters and constructed paper airplanes. 

In addition to the night’s festivities, the student chorus put on a perfect performance of air-themed songs, including “Defying Gravity” from the world-renowned Broadway musical “Wicked.”