The Unity Project Showcases Community Connections

The Unity Project Showcases Community Connections photo
A dazzling display of community collaboration between Sachem Central School District students and community is currently a focal point of the Sachem Public Library garden, thanks to an interactive public art venture known as The Unity Project.

The goal of this global movement is to create a healthy dialogue between members of opposing political parties in an effort to depolarize politics and enhance civic education across the country. The project aims to remove the adversarial stigma between political parties and create a community committed to solving the problems they face as a society. 

Students from the Sachem High School East National Art Honor Society assembled a structure for The Unity Project with help from adviser Katrina Wrigley and her husband Dane. The larger-than-life structure helps celebrate how individuals’ unique qualities and strengths tie each other together. 

For the installation, students and community members connected a piece of yarn to a post labeled with a description of a specific identity. As participants’ yarn began to intertwine with others, the complex labyrinth of yarn showcased the true interconnectedness of the community. The completed display will remain on exhibit at the Sachem Public Library until May 12. 

In addition, the artistic work of district middle and high school students is also on display at Sachem Public Library as part of its Teen Art Show. These pieces will remain in the gallery until the end of the April.