Science Erupts at Waverly

Science Erupts at Waverly photo

Waverly Elementary School fifth-graders had a blast during a recent STEAM activity exploring the geographic and scientific elements of volcanoes.

As part of the students’ study, each group selected a volcano from around the world to research. After students collected information on their chosen volcano they created colorful informational posters displaying interesting facts and characteristics about the unique landforms.  

As part of the activity students utilized Play-Doh to sculpt miniature replicas of their volcanoes. To mirror a volcanic eruption, students were provided with a collection of ingredients that they used to conduct experiments to develop a combination that would produce the best eruption. Students determined a calculated mixture of baking soda and vinegar created the best eruption and added red food coloring to mimic the color of flowing lava. 

Throughout the activity each student group referred back to the key principals of the design and engineering process to assess areas that needed improvement and incorporated new design ideas to complete their goals.