Senecon Takes Seneca by Storm

Senecon Takes Seneca by Storm photo

Prior to midwinter recess Seneca Middle School transformed into a literacy pop culture convention center as established authors and illustrators came to share their specialties with students.

To begin the day, all seventh-grade students gathered in the auditorium for an assembly presentation by award-winning author Paul Volponi. During the assembly students gained expert insight into the creative process and answered various trivia questions highlighting different aspects of world cultures. 

As the students continued through the day, a number of classrooms were dedicated to additional presentations led by authors and illustrators from multiple disciplines. Origami artists Shrikant Iyer and Jacqueline Billig taught students precise folding sequences to form origami art creations. Graphic designer and illustrator David O. Miller shared beginner tips for drawing in three dimensions. He continued his tutorial on the fundamentals of sketching by guiding students through several Star Wars character drawings. 

An art workshop presented by Imagine That! introduced students to famous artists, such as Jackson Pollack. Following the brief art history lesson students went on to recreate artwork using Pollack’s unique drip painting style. Representing the Manga style of drawing prominent in Japan, comic artist Misako Rocks! demonstrated the unique techniques associated with the medium. Maintaining the focus on literature and art, Marvel artist Billy Tucci spoke to students about his approach to art and the hard work that lead to the position he holds today. 

In a captivating combination of art and storytelling, Christopher Agostino painted students’ faces to coincide with folktales he told from around the world. Complementing the presenters of art and literature were members from the Sachem Public Library that made books available for checkout and brought various studio robots for students to experiment with.   

Concluding the fun-filled pop culture event, students and teachers faced off in an exciting Star Wars-themed trivia game.